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Graceful as it looks, this Christina Krämer PASHMINA is made of one of the worlds’ rarest and most luxurious natural fibres, the Mongolian organic cashmere. Combed from the fine undercoat of Mongolian Hircus goats that roam the endless plains, Mongolian cashmere is a pure natural fibre. White, beige, warm grey and brown are the natural occurring shades in Mongolian goats. Each colour comes from different parts of the vast country and each colour has a unique story behind it.

This is why CHRISTINA KRÄMER – apart from the black and nightblue pieces in her collection – uses only plant dyes and relies on the “goats’ natural colour”. Clothes made of Mongolian cashmere require delicate care and attention but will reward you by lasting a long time.

It contains no chemical additives or toxides - because your health and our environment are close to our hearts.

Your garment will continue to feel soft and luxurious wash after wash, if it is well cared for. Machine wash 30° / wool program with natural CASHMERE SHAMPOO.

Each PASHMINA will be delivered together with a Christina Krämer GOTS certified organic cotton backpack and a small Cashmere Shampoo 50ml.

CHRISTINA KRÄMER is a Responsible Retailer committed to protecting the planet and its resources. We are a supporter of the Butterfly Mark, powered by Positive Luxury.

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