Luxury with a clear conscience: ecological cashmere & YAK sweaters from Switzerland

Christina KrÄmer has been working as a successful designer of sustainable fashion for many years. Her exclusive, high quality fashion collections have been distributed since 2007 by her own label. In 2015, she introduced the first cashmere accessories to the market. Since then, high-quality cashmere collections for women and men, which are distributed in international trade, follow.

In all areas of her company, Christina KrÄmer strives to work with those suppliers with the best environmental solutions for her products. Her idea of sustainability is not just mindfulness in dealing with the environment, but also supporting nomadic families and their traditional lifestyles.




The symbol of the Modern Nomads has ancient origins. It comes from the free and wild world of the nomads who live in the endless steppes and deserts of Mongolia. It emphatically brings us back to the marking of horses and the spiritual symbolism of the shamans. It recalls the top of a Gher as a natural transition between old and new nomadism.





Mongolian organic cashmere is one of the rarest, purest and most luxurious natural fibers in the world. Combed and uncut, the fine underlayer Hir-cus Mongolian goats roaming the interminable plains, Mongolian cashmere is a pure natural fiber.
White, beige, warm gray and brown are the natural nuances of Mongolian Hircus goats. Each color comes from different Mongolian steppe regions and each color has a unique story behind it.
Mongolian cashmere clothing requires care and attention, but you are rewarded for a long time. Your clothes will be soft and luxurious even after washing, if well cared for.

CHRISTINA KRÄMER cashmere products are made from 100% pure Mongolian cashmere with no added other fibers. Except for black and dark blue, which are certified and non-toxic, only the natural and pure colors of cashmere goats are used.

NEW in the AW 18/19 collection is a lightly dyed Guado blue. Tinted piece in Italy.



Mongolian premium yak hair is one of the rarest and most luxurious natural fibers in the world. Yak is a durable and lightweight fiber that retains heat in winter and provides comfort in warm weather. 

Yak yarns are breathable and retain heat even when it's wet. The yarn is antiallergic as it contains no animal oils or residues. Despite their wild appearance, yaks have little or no odor. Thus, the finished Yak product is an ideal companion and active garment.

Each yak produces about 1000 grams per year or one to two pounds of "lower abdomen" hair (the short, fine, soft undercoat or fine fluffy fiber).

Premium Yak wool is completely natural and appears in the three basic colors in which the Yak themselves occur: dark brown, medium brown and the platinum color, which is a hundred times rarer than cashmere.

Premium Mongolian Yak clothing requires care and attention, and will reward you for a long time. Your garment will feel soft and luxurious even after washing, if it is well cared for.